Give Praise to the FIXMAN Warehouse Man

Time flies, and time flies. 2019 has quietly passed away at your fingertips, and 2020 is on the way. Think back to the past, face the moment, and look forward to the future! There is the joy of progress, and the guilt of mistakes at work. The year to come is a year when all our warehouse staff are brave enough to take up the challenge. Summarize the pros and cons, gains and losses in your work with your thinking. Learn from the lessons and fully prepare for future work.

The company is everyone, the warehouse is a small home, FIXMAN is booming, and the business is being developed in an all-round way. Behind the company’s brilliant performance, it is inseparable from the quietly dedicated FIXMAN warehouse employees. They didn’t speak very well, they knew that the delivery letter was a military order, and the company’s system standard was their guide to action. I think they are the cutest people and the most praiseworthy.

This summer was hot and hot. When people hid in the air-conditioned rooms and blew air, they were still complaining when they went out for a hot trip. The employees of our warehouse are facing the “hot and enthusiastic” sun, stepping on the hot iron plate, and loading, unloading, cleaning, and finishing ….. sweat soaked their tooling, There was sweat on the hot faces, and they ignored it and continued to work with a handful of sweat. All processes are proceeding in an orderly manner.

Therefore, the spirit of unity in the team is very important. We need to help each other to promote the cohesion of the team. Here is a quote from Deng Zhongxia: five people unite a tiger, ten people unite one dragon, and one hundred people unite like Taishan.

They are the most respectable people. They rarely rest throughout the year and work as usual on weekends. Holidays should be a day of reunion. Old parents, wives, and children at home are looking forward to their loved ones to reunite, but the helpless warehouse man can only give his family a blessing call, listening to the worrying voice on the other side of the phone, deep down Resentment can only bury the home in my heart.

They are plain, there is no gorgeous language, only the most authentic actions. They are craving not only the salary they get, but also their labor and dedication to be recognized by their leaders.

A compliment and affirmation of leadership may inspire them for a lifetime. The diligent figures repeat the tedious and tedious work. They are the cornerstone and wealth of the company. It is their hard work that can make the company’s footsteps more firm.

Here, we sincerely offer our respect and praise to frontline employees!

Post time: Apr-13-2020