Give a Ramp to Your Target

This seemingly strange title is what I came to FIXMAN for a year to see and think, give the target a slope, and give the target a buffer time. In today’s society, with the development of the economy, more and more people are beginning to seek “quick” and “immediate”. The psychology of getting rich overnight is common. In contrast, there are many years of patience for FIXMAN self-developed series of tool cars. , Also has FIXMAN determination and perseverance to create independent brands. All of these embody the spirit of buffering. Learning to buffer can allow us to calm down in the impetuous environment and seek the original authenticity. At the same time, it can also allow companies to change their development thinking and be beneficial to the transformation of economic structure.

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From a personal level, learning to buffer can make life bright. Buffering is a wise perspective transformation. In FIXMAN year, I learned that President Bao was determined to create FIXMAN’s own brand. The brand road was long and arduous. He couldn’t blindly promote the company. He built his own brand with his heart for many years. However, years have not failed, and finally let the FIXMAN brand occupy an unshakable position in the global market. He realized his own value, and paid attention and dedication. Buffering is a kind of wisdom and courage. In today’s society, the emergence of words such as “material” reflects the impetuousness and restlessness of the times. In the quietness, slow down the pace and work hard to make your personality independent and your soul full. Therefore, we need to slow down, improve ourselves in our studies, and think hard in our lives.

At the enterprise level, learning to buffer is conducive to the healthy development of the enterprise. Looking at the world, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. At a time when everyone is pursuing efficiency and returns, if the company’s development loses its long-term perspective, the lack of buffering consciousness will become a profit-making machine, and it will gradually become ordinary in the market tide until it is eliminated. In FIXMAN’s year, when the development department designed products for customers, slow down and make the product well to ensure the reputation and quality of the company’s brand. The sales department did not choose to blindly pursue the order quantity and bowed its knees to customers. Every communication was always in Based on the premise of considering for customers, we carefully recommend the most suitable products according to the different circumstances of each customer. However, during the period when the company has pursued the market craze and lacked independent thinking, these “vignettes” made the company more aware of FIXMAN We must recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Development needs to have a buffer consciousness, and we must formulate a development policy based on our own characteristics.

Learn to buffer and give the target a slope. FIXMAN explained this truth very well, and it will be a word that I will often warn myself.

Post time: Apr-01-2020