Five Years’ Growing Up Together with FIXMAN

Preface-the flowers are similar every year, but different from year to year

In the blink of an eye, five spring, summer, and autumn and winter have been spent in FIXMAN.

Some colleagues around me came and went, the group keeps growing up,  and the students I came out of the campus became middle-aged women today. But I hope a heart will always be as young as it is, with lofty ambitions and integrity.

2018 review-sailing against the water

18 years is a small successful year for FIXMAN. At the same time, it has completed the three indicators of the gross profit of orders and shipments. I am very excited about this. In the past, I always sneered when I heard that there is no emotion in being an OEM, and that I have a sense of accomplishment by being my own brand. Now that I want to come, I can feel the same. FIXMAN is just like his own child. I have been watching his growth little by little for 5 years, and I am full of relief.

18 years is a year of my confusion and halt. This year, I short-loaded a lot of tickets and cargoes, so ridiculous that even the cabinet of the tool cart could be short-loaded, which made me increasingly lack of confidence. In fact, I repeatedly confirmed before placing the order, but did not escape the short-term end. I often reflect on my own conclusions. I am not rigorous enough, I am not careful enough, and I slow down when others are working hard. I always want to make everything and even every form perfect, but I don’t consider the efficiency of work; I always want to take into account the feelings of everyone, but let me look ahead.

Outlook for 2019-timely encouragement

Looking at the company’s young girls coming in in batches, I felt that I was really old, could not keep up with the times, and my brain was not so bright. But you can’t give up on yourself. You can learn until you are old. Hard work may not succeed, but success must be hard work! I hope that in the new year, I can get more skills, such as a deeper understanding of product materials and packaging, and further improvement in English writing and language expression in order to better communicate with customers. Have a more positive attitude at work, obey the arrangements of the leaders, cooperate with each other, take more responsibility, complain less, and build a better FIXMAN team.

Post time: Mar-23-2020